Cygnet Fintech presents a cloud-based end-to-end lending system for the customers of banks, non-bank financial institutions, and digital lenders. The platform makes use of cutting-edge technologies to provide a virtual experience of checking loan eligibility and end-to-end loan disbursal journey.




Loan eligibility check

Checks identity proofs like Aadhar and PAN card along with personal details and business details of the potential borrower.

Financial details

Verifies GST and bank statement details to proceed further in the loan application process.

Financial documents

Checks and verifies financial and company documents such as GST returns, auditor’s report, director’s report, and more of the borrower.

Loan offer

Identifies the amount of loan the potential borrower is eligible for with multiple checks and credit analysis by lenders.

KYC process

Enables address verification and video KYC with borrower’s residential proof and PAN card details for easy onboarding.

Agreement signing

The borrower can scan through the agreement with details and approve it with electronic signature.


Registering with NACH will give authentication to debit or credit funds from your account.


This is the final stage where the loan is ready to be disbursed.

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