Automated Bank Statement Analysis (BSA) with Cygnet Fintech

Is existing technology absorbing most of your resources and efforts without reaping a better ROI while detecting defaults in bank statements?

With Cygnet advanced bank statement analysis software, you can both accelerate as well as secure your lending. Backed by AI and machine-learning, it integrates all your platforms, boasts superior data ingestion, and makes for reliable risk-profile building.

With faster processing times and an in-depth assessment of your customer’s financial health, you can turn around your lending outcomes and increase your ROI!

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Bank Statement Analysis (BSA) is a part of our fintech ecosystem!

Bank statement analysis is a part of Cygnet Fintech’s credit assessment and decisioning platform that comprises of GST analysis (consent and non-consent based), Income Tax Return analysis, Financial Statement Analysis and Business Intelligence Reports. It empowers financial institutions make accurate and informed business decisions.

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Bank Statement Analysis (BSA) features

How will Bank Statement Analysis (BSA) help you?

Automate and classify your documents based on vendor-banks, previous transactions etc.

OCR-based extraction supported by AI/ML model helps to autodetect bank name, generate a consolidated report by merging multiple statements etc.

With income verification from bank statements, we can identify the regular customers of the company and showcase payment patterns of the customers.

Inspecting varied statements with various data points and validations to ensure the authenticity of data for accuracy of the reports generated.

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